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The Best Mirrorless Cameras On The Market

Choosing The Best Mirrorless Camera On The Market Today


For those seeking the best quality photographs, mirrorless digital interchangeable-lens camers (ILCs) and DSLRs represent the two best types of digital cameras. They have some similarities and some differences – with mirrorless gaing more and more popularity since 2010. Mirrorless cameras keep the big sensors and interchangeable lenses of DSLR cameras, but ditch the mirror mechanism, to produce a less bulky and more sleek body.


1. Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic Lumix GH5

When it comes to video capture, the GH5 is right there at the top, able to compete with much more expensive professional camera systems. Released in 2017, this is the top Micro Four Thirds camera on the market and an absolute beast on the video front. The camera now shoots 4K up to an impressive 60p, has in-body image stabilization, and higher resolution at 20.3 megapixels vs. 16 on the older model. It has an advanced auto-focus system, and a weather-sealed body for those God-forbid situations. This is a no-comprimise mirrorless gem for video at a price of just under $2k.


2. Fujifilm X-T20

The Best Mirrorless Cameras On The Market

X-T20 from Fujifilm offers an awesome mix of photo quality, speed, and price unique in the mirrorless digital camera market. Then there’s the very cool retro design of this camera, which we love. It has silver trim across the top and bottom of a black camera body. You can also get it in all black if the retro look is too much. The X-T20 will certainly hit the sweet spot for many photographers. If you like the look of the X-T20, but want something a little more compact, take a look at the X-E3. Also, it costs $899, which is a lot less than the $1,5K X-T2.

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